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OCD Online Group Therapy

Melbourne Psychology and Counselling is excited to offer a new online group therapy program for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Dr Claire Ahern has worked with OCD for many years, both as a clinician and as a researcher. As a clinician, Claire has run group therapy programs for OCD, hoarding, anxiety and perfectionism, and has seen many patients for OCD in private practice. As a researcher, Claire did her honours and PhD theses on The Sense of Self in OCD, and her post-doctoral position helped to examine OCD Online treatment through mental health online, called OCD STOP



OCD STOP is a free online treatment program offered through Mental Health Online, where clients can learn more about OCD, and how to treat their OCD using the gold standard of treatment: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).

As part of her post-doctoral position, Claire was involved in research that examined how effective the OCD Online treatment was, and the research showed  that clients made significant improvement in their OCD symptoms, similar to what is seen for in-person groups.

For those of you that don’t know, this program is already available and free through mental health online, and anyone can access it. You have the option of doing it as a self-help program, and I believe there is also the option of a therapist-assist version whereby you pay a small fee and therapist will support you through the program via email.

If any of this is of interest to you, just go to mho. www.mental health online. Org. au


What we are going to be offering, is slightly different.


In supervising and running the therapists that assisted clients in the program, I was also able to hear the stories and the difficulties, and the successes, that some people had in using the program, so I know first hand how it can be helpful for some people to have a therapist support while they do the program. This is where our online group program comes in – we will be having a online group to support you to do the program. mental health online have given us their thumbs up for this initiative. If  you want to learn more about the ocd online group therapy program we will be doing,  just click to view the next video.

Before I go into our Online group, I want to reiterate that all of the information in the group is available now, without doing the group. That is because we are using the material that mental health online have already developed and researched an amazing program and you the program now, anytime, anywhere that you have a computer and internet, for free, from mental health online. You might find that doing the OCD STOP program is enough to meet your needs.


Our OCD Online group program is about providing the support to do OCD STOP. The idea is a client will sign up to mho and register to do the ocd stop program. As the ocd stop program has 12 modules, and it is recommended to do one module per week, myself, and a co-facilitator from our clinic, will be available online once per week, to go through the module for that week and answer any questions you might have.


Each week we will cover the information of that particular week, answer any questions that group members have, and help to tailor the information in that module to your particular experience.


While I have run many group therapy programs, for ocd, anxiety, hoarding and perfectionism, this will be the first time that I am running a group online. I think this is particularly exciting because it reduces some of the major barriers to accessing treatment – location and travel time, and because I don’t need to rent a large room, it also reduces cost.  


Also, we have research to support that there are not enough skilled therapists meet the demand of clients who would like help with their OCD symptoms. So this group helps to increase the access to good quality treatment, to more people.


But I think the most rewarding that I have found in working with groups, is seeing just how powerful for clients to learn that they you are not alone. That there are other people, from all walks of life, that have similar experiences.


We are really excited about this new program and are looking forward to meeting those of you that would like to join in! To register your interest, please complete the form on this website.

Melbourne Psychology and Counselling is excited to offer a new online group therapy program Dr Claire Ahern has a passion for sharing the completed her PhD examining the role of Self-Concept in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, then held a Post-Doctoarl position at Swinburne University where she ran the reserach trial examinin

on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. As part of her post-doc helped to evaluate the effectiveness of an online treatment program for OCD - OCD STOP run through mental health online. ​

Together with Dr Christine Raab, Claire created Melbourne Psychology & Counselling. Her interests in 

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