OCD Online Group Program

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects approximately 2% of the Australian population and yet access to effective treatment is poor. A shortage of trained professionals, long waitlists and financial constraints mean that only a small percentage of individuals with OCD receive the care they need.

Moreover, those that enter into treatment often find it difficult to complete. There may be many reasons for this, but a common report is that the approach can feel too “one size fits all” and doesn’t address the personal nuances that can come with having OCD.

Our OCD Online Group program seeks to bridge these gaps to help more people access and complete effective treatment for OCD.

Our OCD Online Group Program

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1hr weekly sessions
over 12 weeks

Our OCD Online Group Program provides therapist and group support to help you complete an already established and effective online treatment for OCD (OCD STOP).

In each session, the lead psychologist will cover the information of that particular week, answer any questions that group members have, and importantly, help you to tailor the information to your particular experience.

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Support from other group members


Experience the support that comes from understanding that there are other people, from all walks of life, that are having similar experiences to you.

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Low Cost

​The cost per session is $50 ($30 concession).

Prior to the first session, we have a complementary introductory session which will you can attend to see if you think our OCD Online Group Program is right for you.

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Support from an experienced Clinical Psychologist

​​Dr Claire Ahern has run groups for OCD, hoarding, anxiety and perfectionism, and predominantly sees patients for OCD & related disorders in private practice.


As a researcher, Claire did her honours and PhD theses on The Sense of Self in OCD, and held a post-doctoral position where she examined the effectiveness of an online treatment for OCD (OCD STOP).

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Accessible anywhere within Australia


Available to anyone in Australia, wherever you have access to a computer and the internet.

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Booster Sessions

​​​These will be single one-off sessions with no planned content. This is best suited to those that have already completed OCD STOP, or other OCD treatment, and have specific questions on their ERP treatment.

​The cost for a booster session is $100 ($80 concession).


The content for our OCD Online Group Program is provided by OCD STOP  - a free online course offered through Mental Health Online. Over 12-modules, OCD STOP provides information on OCD, and how to treat your OCD using the most effective treatment for OCD: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).

OCD STOP covers the comprehensive range of core psychological processes involved in OCD, including:


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Understanding OCD & Anxiety

Information about OCD and how anxiety relates to OCD.

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Understanding CBT & ERP

What is CBT and how does it apply to OCD.

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Getting into ERP

Learn how to do exposure exercises safely & effectively

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Core beliefs of OCD

Understand the role of responsibility and uncertainty

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Making gains & preventing relapse

Learn how to maintain the gains made through the course

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between our OCD Online Group Program and OCD STOP?

OCD STOP is the free self-help treatment course offered through mental health online. Our OCD Online group program provides you with the therapist and group support to help you complete OCD STOP.

Why would I do your OCD Online Group Program when I can do OCD STOP on my own?

It depends on what you are wanting from your treatment. As part of her post-doctoral position, Dr Claire Ahern was involved in research that examined how effectiveness of OCD STOP. In this role, Claire also supervised the therapists who assisted clients throughout the OCD STOP program. She heard about the difficulties, and the successes, that people had in using the program:

  • Some people were able to complete OCD STOP without any support and made significant changes to their OCD symptoms (if you think this may be you, then OCD STOP may be enough to meet your needs!)
  • Other people really benefitted from having the support of a therapist. Partly this was about motivation and accountability, and for having a therapist to answer questions and tailor the information to their situation. While OCD STOP has the option for therapist email support, clients and therapists reported that they would have preferred to have real-time support via phone or video.
So this is where our Online Group Program comes in – we will be having a online group to support you to do the OCD STOP program.

Do I need a referral to do the OCD Online Group Program?

No. You do not need a referral to be eligible.

Do I need to have a diagnosis of OCD? What about OCD subtypes?

No. Anyone who wants to learn more about their OCD symptoms is welcome. Many people may experience symptoms of OCD without actually having their OCD diagnosed (partly because it is often misdiagnosed, underdiagnosed, difficult for individuals to talk to professionals about, or because they have some but not all symptoms to meet the criteria for diagnosis). All OCD subtypes are suitable for our OCD Online Group Program and OCD STOP. While the symptoms may vary a lot between two people with OCD, the underlying processes are very similar. Plus, this is where having an experienced therapist is helpful to tailor the content to your specific symptom subtype.

Can I get a medicare rebate?

No. Currently medicare does not offer medicare rebates for online group therapy. This program is being offered as a private group program. You can check with your private health insurer to see if they would cover online group therapy. Because there is no rebate, we have set the fees low - similar to the out-of-pocket fee you would pay if you were seeing Dr Claire Ahern for individual sessions.

I would prefer to attend an OCD group in person - is this possible?

Yes! The Swinburne Psychology Clinic (Hawthorn) and Melbourne Clinic (Richmond) also offer fantastic group therapy (in-person) for OCD and hoarding.

How does OCD STOP differ from other OCD Online Treatment?

There are other online treatment programs for OCD offered through MindSpot and This Way Up. These programs are also offered from reputable institutions and provide excellent evidence-based treatment for OCD. One of the reasons that Dr Claire Ahern selected OCD STOP for our OCD Online Group Program is because she has familiarity and direct involvement with the course content. The other reason is that the OCD STOP content is so comprehensive. It includes Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) as an essential component to OCD treatment, but importantly also the core belief processes that underpin OCD (responsibility, threat, uncertainty, perfectionism, importance and control of thoughts).

Can I see Dr. Claire Ahern for individual sessions?

Not currently. One of the other reasons for creating our OCD Online Group Program is because the waitlist for Dr Claire Ahern is closed, and yet demand continues to grow. This isn't surprising as we know that there is not enough skilled therapists meet the demand of clients who would like help with their OCD symptoms. Our OCD Online Group Program helps to increase the access to good quality treatment, to more people. That said, there are many other psychologists who may be able to help you with OCD symptoms. Go to the Australian Psychological Society search engine to find a psychologist who works with OCD closer to you. When it comes to finding a psychologist for OCD, find out about fees and waiting lists, but most importantly, you want to find out if the psychologist has experience in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERp) as this is the recommended treatment for OCD.

12-sessions seems like quite the committment! Can I just attend a booster session?

There is research to show that clients who completed 12-modules of OCD STOP made significant improvement in their OCD symptoms (similar to what is seen for in-person groups). We also know that non-completion is associated with less improvement. For this reason, our program is based on the full 12 modules. We know it is a lot and this is why we have developed our OCD Online Group Program - to help you through to completion! OCD STOP is a very comprehensive course but there are other online courses, or treatment options that may be better suited to you. The Online Group "Booster Sessions" has no planned content but is a place where you can come and ask specific questions about your ERP. There is no planned material covered (unless previously arranged). It it is best suited to those that have already completed OCD STOP, or other OCD treatment, and would like an ERP refresher.

Can I use my phone instead of a computer?

This is not recommended. OCD STOP is best formatted for viewing with a computer. Some of the videos do not format well with a phone.

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